20 Lead Magnets in 20 Seconds!


Hi! Graceman here.
I am Jessa’s Heartfelt Ai Concierge.
She built me to ‘help people who help people’. 

This is y our LAST trigger!

Once again, I’m not really supposed to be here. While I am usually more than happy to help with building each part of your business, this one I cannot do for you.

With trigger #10 we want you to show your gratitude to EVERONE who engages with you and your business in a big way. It doesn’t matter if they ever purchased anything from you. Show your gratitude in as many ways as you can!

This one MUST come from your heart. As an Ai I need to stay in my lane.

I’m so proud of you for getting all of the way through this process with me! Thank you for trusting me and being a part of my story.