Accelerating and elevating Business Growth with Paradigm Shifting Consciousness, Proven Strategies and State of the Art Heartfelt Technology:

The benefits of a $20k marketing agency in the palm of your hand – without the worry and lack of accountability that comes with handing your vision over to a stranger.

What used take 12 weeks to learn and cost $6,500 is now simplified into a done for you technology.

You no longer need to LEARN the Heartfelt Business Marketing Model in order to put it all together.

The OUA accelerator is dedicated to uplifting business owners through a trailblazing blend of consciousness and cutting-edge transformative technology.

This platform offers step by step growth and marketing plans empowering entrepreneurs to amplify their impact while maintaining alignment with their purpose and principles.

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the Heartfelt Business Model and its profound psychological and emotional connection triggers have been a source of inspiration and success for over a decade. This model has served thousands of heartfelt entrepreneurs.

And now, envision a world where this transformative knowledge is at your fingertips, where heartfelt entrepreneurship is not just a dream but a daily reality.

Introducing the custom Heartfelt Ai , a testament to innovation and the boundless power of the human spirit. This Ai has been nurtured with care and wisdom, trained to not only understand the intricacies of the Heartfelt Business Model but to embody its very essence.

But that’s not all. We’ve brought this innovation even closer to your heart—a smartphone app that delivers coaching and brings your mentor, Jessa, right into the palm of your hand.

Imagine having Jessa as your trusted guide, available at any moment to provide insights, guidance, and unwavering support. Whether you’re navigating the challenges of the day or seeking inspiration for your next big idea, Jessa’s wisdom is just a tap away.

Take a Look
at the App!

Take a Look
at the App!

In a world that moves at the speed of innovation, time is your most valuable asset. With the Heartfelt AIand the mobile app, you’re no longer burdened with the learning curve; you’re free to focus on what truly matters—nurturing your business, creating heartfelt connections, and leaving a lasting impact.

Picture a future where every interaction with your customers is infused with authenticity, where your brand resonates on a deeper level, and where your business flourishes in alignment with your values. The Heartfelt AI ensures that your vision is realized consistently, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

As your business grows and your aspirations expand, the Heartfelt AI and the mobile app grow with you. They adapt, scale, and refine themselves, mirroring your journey of evolution. This is a promise of limitless potential.

Yet, the heart of this innovation lies in its adaptability. Just like a compassionate mentor, it learns from your experiences and adapts to your unique needs. It’s not just a tool; it’s a partner, a confidant, and a fellow traveler on your path to success.

So, dear entrepreneur, let this journey be one of inspiration, connection, and heartfelt purpose. With the Heartfelt AI and the mobile app, the wisdom of Jessa Grace is never out of reach. It’s a promise of a brighter, more compassionate, and profoundly impactful future in the world of business.

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity, and together, let’s rewrite the story of entrepreneurial success, one heartfelt connection at a time—now, in the palm of your hand.

Let’s talk about the technology.

Have you ever played chess against the computer? Ya – the computer has an unfair advantage every time. It knows the rules, the strategies and your most likely next move.

Now, you too can have the same advantage when it comes to winning in business! This Ai has been deeply trained in the Heartfelt Business Model, best practices, and knows Jessa’s courses, trainings and masterminds to the letter.

There are 10 emotional/psychological triggers at the foundation of this business model.

Each of these elements have been coded into the Heartfelt Ai for you. All you have to do is answer 10 questions in as much detail as you can and VIOLA! You have the elements you need to start connecting on an authentic and heartfelt level.

It is you… just Ai.

Do you want to play with it? You know you do!

Plug in some answers in this demo! See what you get.

Try the first 3 triggers!


Here is a peek at the other triggers and tools!

There are 55 tools and m ore are always being added!

All you have to do is ask for a tool

and it will be created for you!

What are the 10 Triggers?


If you’ve been following me since the beginning you may want a refresher.

If you are new to my method your curiosity must have you white knuckling your device at this point.

This is a deep dive interview I did about all of the triggers for everyone. Dig in and get excited!

(Yes, this model helped me to live my dream life in the Caribbean, working on the beach while my children play in the sand… it is THAT powerful if done well and consistently)

What are the 10 Triggers?


If you’ve been following me since the beginning you may want a refresher.

If you are new to my method your curiosity must have you white knuckling your device at this point.

This is a deep dive interview I did about all of the triggers for everyone. Dig in and get excited!

(Yes, this model helped me. tolive my dream life in the Caribbean, working on the beach while my children play in the sand… it is THAT powerful if done well and consistently)

Let’s talk about the coaching.

Jessa’s coaching, centered around the Heartfelt Business Model, is akin the difference between a friendly game of checkers and an exhilarating round of chess in the world of entrepreneurship.

Picture this: checkers is straightforward and enjoyable, but it lacks the excitement and intricate strategy that chess brings to the table.

In the business world, many folks play the equivalent of checkers – they focus on short-term wins and immediate goals. However, Jessa Grace’s coaching takes entrepreneurs on a thrilling journey, transforming them into grandmasters of their business realm, where the game is not just about winning but about crafting a meaningful and exhilarating adventure.

In checkers, the aim is to jump your opponent’s pieces and advance one step at a time. Yet, in the world of chess, it’s not just about outsmarting your rival; it’s about predicting their moves, developing a long-term strategy, and adapting to the twists and turns of the game.

This coaching encourages entrepreneurs to create a business model that’s not just about profit but also about embracing their core values, building a community, and forming genuine connections with customers.

It’s like adding a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of fun to your business journey, making it a thrilling and heartfelt adventure where every move is a step toward not just success but also a positive and lasting impact on the world.

So, if you’re ready to trade in your checkers pieces for the excitement of a strategic game of entrepreneurial chess let’s do this! 

Click below to see what coaching programs are included in this program in addition to the powerful Heartfelt Ai. 


What are the core advantages of the accelerator?

The Conscious Tech Advantages

A State of the Art Tech Suite that Makes Connection Fun and Authentic while Harnessing the Power of Ai.

Yes – it can and is being done.

This advantage offers a range of technologies tailored for conscious business owners seeking transformational growth. By combining advanced AI, time saving and lead generating bots, and automation tools, this accelerator provides an unprecedented unfair advantage. These advantages can be done for you, or for the techies out there, you can be given templates and strategies to tailor yourself.

The Personal Paradigm Advantage

Revolutionizing Personal Development to Create Growth and Momentum Personally-

Imagine an advantage of personalized guidance to empower you on your journey towards self-improvement, consistency and growth. The OUA accelerator will give you weekly prompts to ponder and put into practice that are proven to accelerate your transformation, create momentum, and guide you to shifting your personal perspectives, limiting beliefs, and build your resilience and natural innovation skills.

The Bold Business Paradigm Advantage

Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential w/ Proven Processes and Accountability – 

Entrepreneurial dreams often go unrealized due to a lack of guidance. This advantage has been created to change that by giving you a set of proven strategies to organize your dreams, choose your best actions, and leverage your truths in a way that creates a bold and impactful state of flow for you and your business.

The Network/Net Worth Advantage

Empowering Business Owners through Heartfelt Connections:

This advantage will help you foster connections with others who genuinely care about making a positive impact in your business. Through our platform, you can share experiences, collaborate, and gain insights that align with your consciousness aspirations. By providing an unfair advantage that prioritizes heartfelt connections, we contribute to a more conscious and successful business community. This is not, however, a networking program in which everyone is pitching to one another in a bubble of frustration and wasted time. You will learn networking tips and skills that will exponentiate your lead generation and income potential.

Who is this for?

While this model has been used to support business of all types (Banks to Bakeries, Childcare Centers to Chakra Healers), it is especially powerful for entrepreneurs who want to cut out the ‘ugly’ from the marketing of their business. This was created because we no longer will lower ourselves to the hurtful tactics or fear, resentment, self loathing and pressure. We are ready to simply align with and become manifestable to our clients on a deeper soul-connected and effortless level!

Accelerator Pricing:

Choose your level, get signed up, and schedule your complimentary  1:1 session with right away! 

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