Create Your USP and Tagline

We will start with Trigger #1. If you know Jessa, she is. astickler about a powerful USP. Your people need to feeeeel in the boooones that they are in the right place with the right person when they encounter your brusiness.

Compassionate Results

Now for Trigger #2. They trust that you can solve their problem- Tell me how you help people and the kinds of results you help people achieve. Feel free to copy paste some testimonials as well. Let’s get really detailed here.

Your Brand Story

Now for Trigger #3.  With this step I will create a brand story for your business that paints the picture in a heartfelt yet succinct way.

How do you hold space for them?

Let’s work on Trigger #4 We want them to feel that you know where they are, honor that space AND know exactly how to get them there!

20 Lead Magnets in 20 Seconds!

Let’s get busy with #5.

We all no that generosity and gratitude create MASSIVE momentum. Let’s get busy getting all of that ‘busy work’ off of your plate though. This process will give you up to 20 lead magnets – in elite detail – so you can start building the funnels and launches you need!

Beyond Features and Benefits - Let's get to the GOLD!

Now with Trigger #6 we want to take people deep into their emotional and psychological needs beyond what they have most likely considered. Let’s get into their heads and hearts!

Does This Make Sense?

On to Trigger #7. It’s time to instill some logic in to it all. We are a yes in their heart, but decisions are made from the heart AND the head.

Show me the PROOF!

Social proof is an ovbious emotional ‘YES! Trigger’. It’s time to own your power and abilities in a heartfelt way!

It's all coming together!!!

With trigger #9 we start. putting it all together! Let’s get you a high converting landing page.

Create Raving Fans and Ambassadors!

Finally Trigger #10! This is where we light everyone up and have them all coming back to trigger #1 and bringing their friends! This is how we scale!!!

Hey Graceman...?

As an AI designed to provide compassionate, heartfelt, concise, and encouraging support, I am here to chat with you. I want to understand how you’re feeling right now. How have you been doing lately? Have there been any specific challenges or difficulties you’ve been facing? It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this journey. Who are the sources of support or encouragement in your life?

Online Course Generator

It’s time to put all of your brilliance together in an impactful way that brings you income passively! Let’s get sarted!

Now how do you put it all together?

There are thousands of tools and platforms for you to use to get the word out there. However Jessa found one that will use Ai (that is still YOU) to automate everything you’ve just put together,

-build your website in seconds
-create all of the social media posts in seconds (with images sized for al platforms)
-Write all of your emails in seconds
and – wait for it- give you UNLIMITED TARGETED LEADS all day every day.

An there is MORE!

Jessa is a MACHINE (that says a lot coming from me – a machine of sorts myself).

She has created all of these additional tools for you to market and grow your business in mere minutes instead of months!

She will continue to add more tools to this additionnal toolset. If you don’t see seomething you need, just let her know by chatting with here

(hint: click the blue bubble on the page to get right into her messages.)

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